Behavioral Health Billing and Alcoholism

14 Mar Behavioral Health Billing and Alcoholism

Though there are several substance related disorders: Alcohol has always been one of the most common and contributes to 88,000 deaths annually as stated by the National Institute of Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism.

There are several different assessments and tools discussed to determine the individual’s alcoholism problem ranging from misuse to severe dependence. It is important to note that in the clinical picture, unless the reasons to stop drinking are extremely compelling, individuals are very ambivalent about ending their alcohol use as with any substance use disorder. The needs of this vulnerable population are unique in that there may be multiple factors that influence this behavior. There are comorbidities such as anxiety, depression, hypertension, as well as some inter-generational impacts of addiction to substance use and abuse. Alcohol being socially acceptable creates another dynamic to the assessment and treatment of this disorder.

Treatment facilities usually have screening tools for brief interventions as well as community programs for such as AA or the 12-steps, in which multiple domains are examined. Substance abuse specialists assess the client from a bio-psycho-social perspective during the intake process. The elements examined include: medical complications, behavioral issues, family systems, and the environment for their recovery.

Here at Elevated Billing, the authorization department review clinical presentations and take note of these eco-bio-psycho-social conditions of the individual, any present mental health disorders, and that changing behavior may require multiple interventions based on client motivation and detailed social history. In addition, utilizing tools that work best for the individual may include compassionate, nonjudgmental screenings during brief interventions because the client may already be feeling embarrassed, guilty, or may have other comorbidities consisting of mental illness which contribute to the issue. During a short counseling session it is especially useful to be empathetic and encourage the individual to establish goals for behavior change.

The community approach and interventions that are more macro-based approaches are relevant to our business at Elevated Billing Solutions.  Our goal is to “advocate relentlessly for our clients”, to essentially increase their well being. Addressing the overall issue of alcoholism or any other substance abuse or addictive disorder, the screening process is a useful way to determine effective treatment as well as authorization. Our advocates are knowledgeable of these tools in a clinical setting and this helps to address this growing problem in society, as well as allow them the treatment they need to treat their addictions and mental health issues.


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