Benefits Of Outsourcing Your Behavioral Health Billing

03 Mar Benefits Of Outsourcing Your Behavioral Health Billing

Should your behavioral health treatment center outsource your insurance billing and management? This a question that is posed often in the behavioral health billing industry. For the purpose of this article we are going to primarily focus on the advantages of utilizing an outsourced billing solution for behavioral health treatment centers.


– Reduced employee costs

When you are outsourcing your behavioral health billing, you are not responsible for employee acquisition costs, healthcare, PTO, and other employee load costs. The amount of resources required to effectively manage the behavioral health insurance process is high. You must have an adequate amount of staff that can compete with insurance company resources. The other aspect of utilizing an outsourced billing solutions is the cost share model. This allows your cost for your billing to be based on your revenue. This is a benefit if you have a low revenue month you will not have a fixed cost associated with your billing organization.


– Employee turn over

Utilizing an in house billing organization comes with the function of managing personnel. In a niche industry of healthcare, finding qualified staff that understands behavioral health insurance billing and management is difficult. This also places your operation in a place of being vulnerable if a key member of your billing organization decides to move on. Outsourcing your behavioral health insurance billing allows you to not worry about staff turn over knowing you have access to more resources through your outsourced solution.


– Knowledge base

Outsourced billing solutions for behavioral health have a wealth of knowledge. This is what they do day in and day out. They understand the many intricacies of billing insurance and have the data to analyze trends and identify industry changes quickly. Elevated Billing Solutions provides behavioral health billing services to over 110 behavioral health treatment centers across the US and has over 10 years experience specifically in behavioral health billing. Longevity in this niche field is not common however, extremely important. The data that comes from longevity is invaluable. Being able to know each insurance carriers historical trends, understand the “fine print” of policies, paid amounts, etc can have a large impact on your behavioral health organizations ability to collect insurance.


-Focus on your patients

Behavioral health insurance management requires many different individuals to be apart of the process. Typically, when we encounter in house billing organizations doctors, therapists, executives and other staff members are all having to be involved in the insurance process which deters them from focusing their primary functions. As you know, you end up with diminishing returns when your staff cannot focus on their primary roles and responsibilities hence, placing the burden on an outsourced solution increases performance and productivity.


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