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15 Sep The Effects of Alcohol Laws on Young Men

One common debate in the world of legislation is whether or not alcohol laws that discourage alcohol use are actually effective in decreasing alcohol consumption. One study carried out at the University of Zurich reveals that alcohol related regulations, such as a minimum drinking age, restrictions on alcohol advertising, and restrictions on sale, do in fact have a preventative effect on young men. The study, in short, revealed that the more alcohol prevention measures there are in place (and enforced), the less likely young men are to drink excessively. However, such is not the case for those young men who exhibit antisocial or sensation seeking behavior, as they are at a much higher risk for drinking excessively.
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01 Sep Prescriptions for Painkillers Slowing in Florida

As the opioid epidemic expands, more and more Americans become addicted to painkillers. This means that unfortunately in many cases the solution to one health problem could easily become the onset of another. This could mean that doctors will begin seeking out more alternative treatments to opioids in order to help prevent addiction in their patients. One recent survey of two Florida laws indicates that legislation could be the answer to reducing painkiller prescription rates, therefore reducing painkiller addiction rates.
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01 Aug The Effects of Marriage on Drinking

Several studies exist that delineate the many problems that overconsumption of alcohol can bring into a marriage, but many fewer explore what effects marriage might have on drinking habits. One recent study published in Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research and conducted by researchers collaborating between the University of Missouri and Arizona State University sought to explore just that.
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