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25 May Elevated Billing Solutions and 10,000 Beds

While mental health and substance abuse is slowly becoming a topic that is more openly discussed, there are still many individuals suffering from mental illness or addiction who aren’t getting the treatment they need. In fact, less than half of people with a mental disorder ever get the necessary professional treatment.

Not only that, but many of those individuals with a mental disorder also have several other chronic diseases or conditions or comorbidity. This can make it even more difficult for the person to get the help they need. When battling several undiagnosed or untreated conditions, it is all too easy for these individuals to end up in prison, to end up on the streets, or in some cases, worse. To become a contributing member of society, they need treatment. The unfortunate reality is, those who need treatment the most may not have the resources necessary to get help.

Elevated Billing Solutions has made it their mission to fight for those who do not have the finances or healthcare in place to receive necessary treatment services. By specializing in behavioral health revenue cycle management services, Elevated Billing Solutions advocates for those in need of treatment. To date, they have been successful in this mission by donating more than $400,000 to individuals in need of treatment.

But with a dream to help as many people as possible who suffer from addiction and mental illness, Elevated Billing Solutions partnered with 10,000 Beds in April to continue their fight in extending services and treatment to those who need them. This partnership with 10,000 Beds will help to extend scholarships to those who aren’t able to get treatment for addiction and mental health disorders.

Jean Krisle from 10,000 Beds said it is an honor to be working with Elevated Billing to bring their shared passion to fruition; ethical practices in the behavioral health industry.

Elevated Billing will continue to be able to advocate for those in need of treatment, and the partnership with 10,000 Beds will only aid the cause by being able to reach out and help as many people as possible, giving them access to necessary care.

Together, Elevated Billing and 10,000 Beds hope to elevate the conversation and perception of mental illness; addiction is real, but so is recovery.

Elevated Billing will be going along for the ride as 10,000 Beds begins their nation-wide campaign, #ontheroad4recover, to advocate for the right to treatment and provide scholarships to those in need of services. The top priority for Elevated Billing Services and 10,000 Beds is to provide appropriate ​substance abuse ​treatment ​and ​​ethical mental health billing ​on behalf of ​ those with these disorders.

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