National Recovery Month: Become Messengers of The Cause


11 Sep National Recovery Month: Become Messengers of The Cause

National Recovery Month is happening now; it’s time for some reflection .  It’s a chance to spread the word about the seriousness of addiction and why it’s important to consider behavioral health as a part of everyone’s comprehensive wellbeing. In this blog, Elevated Billing reflects on the true meaning of National Recovery month and why we believe it’s such an important month in the year.

Recovery Month’s Meaning to Us

National Recovery Month will always have a special place in the hearts and minds of Elevated Billing Staff. Many people here at Elevated Billing have first hand experience dealing with addiction in their personal lives. The impact of addiction on one’s life, leaves a lasting imprint on one’s priorities and goals. It’s this new found transformational purpose that makes Elevated billing uniquely passionate.

At our company, people are like family. Our similar life experiences have created tight knit bonds with each other, and have allowed us to rally around a common purpose and goal when we come to work; to relentlessly advocate for people in need of treatment. We believe it’s the family attitude that is the key to our company’s success as well as our personal relationships.

Reach Out to Friends in Need This Month

Substance abuse is a touchy subject when it comes to our experiences with loved ones. We view this month as a reminder to push through any barriers and truly express our love and concern to others in need.

In the spirt of September and National Recovery Month, Elevated wishes to recruit you to continue to spread the word about this special month and help out your friends in need.

As a useful tool,  Elevated Billing has provided you with a guide of possible treatment options, to enable you to help someone you know with a substance abuse problem.


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