Our Mission

Your revenue growth begins with, and is fueled by our passion for patient advocacy.

Elevated Billing Solutions, LLC specializes in Substance Abuse and Mental Health third party billing for a variety of facilities in the field of addiction medicine. By creating a centralized billing department tailor-fit to your needs, we are able to help alcoholics and addicts obtain the treatment they need.

We use specific strategies to negotiate with insurance companies and strive to provide the best possible outcome for your patients’ long-term sobriety by utilizing our expertise in Utilization and Authorization Management services.

Implementing a strategic approach to growing your facility’s revenue is best managed by an organization consisting of a hybrid team of professionals. Many of our staff are experienced expert billers in the field of addiction medicine and/or are professionals who’ve dedicated years of hard work in a facility just like yours. It is a dynamic team like Elevated Billing that can work well with your internal staff to create a sustainable billing department for long-term success.

Why Choose Elevated
“We will relentlessly advocate for people in need of treatment.”
– Elevated Billing Solutions.”

We believe in recovery – and believe in what we do and in our clients. Because of this, we set aside 10% of our profit to give back to the treatment community in the form of allocation towards Deductibles, Co-Payments, Co-Insurance, or Scholarships for those who may have insurance, but do not have the means to receive treatment. We hope we can make a difference by giving back — even if just one life is saved.

We firmly believe the only way to accomplish client goals is to never lose sight of the why. The why is what we ultimately set out to achieve when starting our company: successful recovery for our community’s mothers, fathers, sons, and daughters who are struggling with substance abuse and/or mental health disorders.

Get Started with Elevated Billing

Our Elevated Billing family is made up of a diverse and very talented team with backgrounds ranging from finance to customer service to strategic marketing. They are very passionate about helping those dealing with substance abuse and mental health disorders – some have even worked in facilities prior to joining Elevated Billing.

Elevated Billing Solutions - Jeremy Golesh Co-Founder

Jeremy co-founded Elevated Billing after recognizing that the existing billing structures aiding substance abuse and medical facilities were not efficiently and adequately serving both the addict in need and the treatment center providing the care. More was needed.
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James Gibson teamed up with business partner and long-time friend, Jeremy Golesh, on the Elevated Billing venture to ensure those struggling with addiction could get the desperate help they needed.
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