Willow Tree Recovery

About This Project

Willow Tree Recovery came to us for help with their medical billing department needs and we have been fortunate to work with them as we strive to increase company revenue together.

Situational Analysis

With all clients, we begin our relationship by getting to know the client on a personal and professional level. Our thorough situation analysis enables the Elevated Billing team to analyze the role of the client in the vast addiction medicine industry. What are their specific challenges in their immediate market? What about other geographical markets they operate in or have expansion plans? What are the legal components that impact their operations and how will this play out in our strategic revenue growth plan? What are the challenges with certain insurance companies and what services are best suited for their goals?

Aside from the macro environment elements we consider, we discuss their internal operations in as much detail as necessary for the development of our strategic plan. This is critical to a sustainable long-term approach for revenue growth, company expansion, and helping the staff get back to caring for the patients on the intimate level needed for a successful recovery.


Training is paramount for this industry — and we take it very serious. After initial meetings and discussions that help outline the needs and goals, we train the client on our procedures and processes so they feel completely comfortable with the approach. We like to have transparency with our clients and the new client solutions portal will help improve training even more in the near future.

Ongoing Tracking and Work

The medical billing services industry is complex and experiences changes/updates in regulations or customer trends. Drug treatment facilities must be able to rely on a third party billing company to stay at the forefront of it all. Our co-founders, James Gibson and Jeremy Golesh, make it a priority to research the latest trends in insurance billing software, claims processing platforms, and all technological improvements that can aid in an even better client experience with our company.

We do our best to anticipate future industry trends and changes so we can be prepare ourselves, and our clients, for valuable opportunities. Reporting and tracking of client goals is a fundamental element of a medical billing company and we use the data from our reports to recognize patterns and/or identify how we can do an even better job for our client.