Elevated Billing Solutions Authorization ServicesElevated Billing Solutions exclusively provides authorization and utilization review services for behavioral health treatment centers. We have an expert team with a variety of expertise to ensure your clients receive the highest quality of patient advocates possible. We desire to make sure that patients are receiving the proper amount of care for the behavioral health disorders for which they are being treated.

We work hand in hand with our treatment providers to help them understand the key elements of the authorizations process, including but not limited to; superior clinical documentation, medical necessity guidelines for each insurance carrier, intricacies of the authorizations, and utilization review processes and more!

With the help of Elevated Billing Solutions, you will see increased lengths of stay for your patients and feel confident that your patients are receiving the amount of care they need for successful outcomes!

You can expect the following from us:


  • Experienced Advocates: Great Relationships with Care Managers resulting in outstanding authorizations lengths:
  • DTX: 5-7 Days
  • RTC: 25-28 Days
  • PHP: 18-22 Units
  • IOP: 30-35 Units
  • Highly Effective Appeal Process: On average, we overturn 33% of authorization denials