Insurance Management Process

Elevated Billing Solutions - Management ServicesThe insurance management process is tiresome, time consuming and complicated. Elevated Billing Solutions has perfected our insurance and claim management processes that result in decreased denials, overturn claim denials, and provide full transparency to our treatment centers so they can make accurate projections of their collections and revenue.

Elevated Billing Solutions has a specialty-trained staff that knows the many nuances of the behavioral health billing insurance processes. We provide a carefree solution that is cost effective for behavioral health treatment programs, whether you are a substance abuse or mental health treatment program. Elevated Billing Solutions has the tools to streamline your insurance management processes.

You can expect the following from us:


  • Diligent Claim Management – Catching issues and resolving fast!
  • Full Transparency – You and your staff have access to all of your claims and are able to see the work we are doing at anytime.
  • 44.8% overturned denials through written appeal!