Verification of Benefits

Admissions delays? We strive for a 60-minute verification.

Our verification of benefits process is fully comprehensive and diligent; our goal is to verify benefits with speed and accuracy and return to you within 60 minutes on average.

The verification of benefits process is often overlooked yet is one of the most important steps in the insurance management process. If verification of benefits is done incorrectly all processes that follow will fail.

Elevated Billing Solutions takes pride in our detailed and efficient processes when verifying benefits for our treatment providers’ patients. We have a large database of insurance policies as well as track the outcomes of the policies and insurance carriers. This of course provides our clients with the knowledge to accurately inform their patients of their benefits and what to expect for reimbursement when treating individuals for mental health or substance use disorders.

You can expect the following from us:


Timely: 60 minute turn-around time on requests.

Accurate: Cross-Checked and thorough verification.

Informative: Warning Disclaimers on questionable or unreliable payers.


What Is The Typical Response Time After A Verification Of Benefits Submission?

Elevated has a team consisting of 9 Claims Representatives that also verify benefits for our facility. As soon as we receive a Verification of Benefits, one of our claims representative will be on the phone with the insurance company. We believe in a very thorough verification of benefits process as it allows us to cross reference all information to ensure accuracy before returning the verification to your facility. On average, a thorough Verification of Benefits will take about 60 minutes or less.

What Can My Facility Expect When Elevated Verifies Benefits For A Patient?

You can expect the Elevated Billing Solutions team to take every precaution to ensure accuracy of benefits. We understand how paramount the process is to the entirety of billing processes. If the Verification of Benefits is not done thoroughly, it will have a domino effect for the patient authorizations and billing processes. We not only give you the benefits that were quoted to the Elevated Billing Solutions team, but we also provide a benefit summary which is more comprehensive. We also provide additional information on the insurance carrier or policy and let you know what our experience has been with the insurance carrier or the specific policy. Our end goal is to make sure you understand the benefits to the fullest in order to best help your patients.