Relationships founded on patient advocacy are the foundation to client success.

At Elevated Billing Solutions, we work hard to build positive relationships with the facilities for which we work. Healthy and personal connections are key to maintaining effective solutions for patient advocacy.

Our commitment to making a difference is reflected in the feedback we receive from constant communication with clients and/or through our client satisfaction surveys – the most recent being in December 2013.

Following are a few billing solutions testimonials. Ratings and feedback regarding operational improvements ensure we adequately meet client demands on a consistent basis.


“… As far as results authorizations that they are able to obtain for our patients, the turn around time on getting verification on benefits done, and the billing and collections piece, the results are better than anything we’ve seen before”

Zach Lynch Executive Director
River Source

Into Action Recovery Center Logo

“In conjunction with increasing our revenue part of that was just was due to the fact that they are fantastic at getting additional days authorized for clients. I think that really stems from the fact that their heart is in what they do. They genuinely care about the clients…”

Tony Giammatteo COO
Into Action Recovery Centers

wasatch recovery

“I would highly recommend James and Jeremy with Elevated Billing. We really enjoy our partnership and the peace of mind knowing our authorizations are in good hands and that we will receive the most days possible.”

Corey Markisich Executive Director
Wasatch Recovery Treatment Center


“I have been working with Elevated Billing for a number of years now and it’s been an incredible experience. We can really count on them to advocate for our clients… I like working with Elevated Billing because they are competent, reliable and I really feel like I can trust them.”

Pam Vandenaker Clinical Director
Willow Tree Recovery


“…They are very ethical and the genuinely care about the clients we have and helping them get the treatment they need through verification of benefits all the way toward claims being paid, they’re there for us every step of the way.”

Dustin Barker Marketing Director
Reflections Recovery


“Before partnering with Elevated Billing we were completely done taking insurance for treatment. After several billing companies and no results we ran across James and Jeremy with Elevated Billing and they re-ignited the hope to obtain reimbursement from insurance companies. They asked me to give them 90 days and to free up a couple beds for insurance clients and they would prove that insurance is a viable source of payment. Despite our reluctance to go down this road again, we took a leap of faith and now our treatment center is doing better than I ever imagined. A Big Thanks to the billing and authorization team at Elevated.”

Mike J., Owner
Steps Recovery Center


“Elevated Billing has increased our revenue, helped us with proper contracts/verbiage, and have developed a trusting relationship to help our company succeed.”

Therapia Addiction Healing Center