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You can count on our billing solutions team as an extension of your business

Increase Revenue, Improve Cash Flow and Treat More Patients

Elevated Billing Solutions wants to be your partner for ensuring that your behavioral health facility will optimize cash flow management to achieve your highest revenue growth potential.  We have the insurance management process expertise, skill and track record to increase revenue and improve cash flow.  Elevated Billing Solutions provides medical billing outsourcing trusted by over 100 of the nation’s top addiction treatment facilities nationwide. We have achieved incredible billing solution results for our clients including:


In some cases as much as 100%


$3.8 M in Aging Receivable =
$1.3 M Additional Revenue


Overturns 44% of authorization denials

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Trusted by over 100 of the nation's top facilities

Why choose us?

Elevated Billing Differentiators

Elevated Billing Solutions offers distinct advantages over other third-party billing solution and insurance management process providers. When selecting medical billing outsourcing solutions, there are important points to consider.  Some behavioral health billing companies charge less of a percentage for their billing solutions, but you get what you pay for because many of such companies offer inferior and disappointing results.

Elevated Billing Solutions is a partner you can count on with:

  • Dedicated teams of experienced and certified professionals
  • Proven insurance management process systems for achieving stellar results
  • Experience and know-how for dealing with the various types of insurance providers
  • State of the art behavioral health billing technology that we develop in-house

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