Meet Nadena

Hi I'm Nadena Gibson

Nadena is Vice President of Client Services and has been with Elevated since January of 2014. She manages all operational and financial aspects of the company with regards to Claims, Accounting, Recoveries, and Government Billing. She also oversees the development and modification of processes to ensure maximum insurance reimbursement for Elevated clients, which includes operational processes, performance metrics, data analytics, as well as keeping current on insurance company rules, policies and reimbursement trends for mental health and substance abuse claims.

For most of her professional career, Nadena has worked in the medical field. She joined Elevated because she wanted to use her experience in the Recovery Community, along with her experience working as a Registered Nurse, in order to advocate for patients struggling with mental health and/or substance abuse so they can more easily afford the treatment they are seeking and deserve.

In her spare time Nadena really enjoys hiking and coloring. She also enjoys furthering her professional knowledge through continued education in the mental health and substance abuse fields along with fields such as Programming & Software Development.

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