Elevated Billing Solutions Services

What we do

Elevated Billing Solutions offers a comprehensive suite of behavioral health billing and insurance management process solutions designed to support your efforts in providing the best possible care for your patients.  Our clinicians, billing and insurance claim management teams make sure that every possible means is exhausted to improve your cash flow management and increase your revenue.  We will be happy to provide a free assessment of your current cash flow management situation and revenue goals.  We will demonstrate how Elevated Billing Solutions can help improve your results for your desired outcomes.

Verification of Benefits

  • Timely: 45-60-minute turnaround time on average
  • Accurate: Cross-checked and thorough verification with 99.9% accuracy

Pre-Authorization & Utilization Review

  • Average detoxification (DTX) 5-7 Days
  • Average residential treatement center (RTC) 22-25
  • Average partial hospitalization program (PHP) 18-20
  • Average intensive outpatient program (IOP) 28-30
  • Highly effective appeal process: Elevated Billing Solutions overturns 44% of authorization denials

Billing & Claim Management

  • Electronic claim submission results in 99.9% clean claims
  • 94% of paid claims process under 60 days, average of 23 days overall
  • 6% claim denial rates we provide denial analytics to improve denial rates
  • 8% Overturned denials through written appeal


  • Innovative software that provides transparency into status of every claim

Special Operations

  • Over $1.5 Million saved for our clients by our recoveries team. We research and fight 100% of all recoveries

Aging Account Receivables

  • No risk recovery analysis and action plan to obtain reimbursement
  • Dedicated team focused on obtaining payment on lost or written off AR ​

Consulting & Training

  • Facility licensing and insurance company requirements
  • Facility credentialing and negotiation
  • Clinical curriculum: Initial and on going training for your clinicians
  • Industry trends: Our team will keep you informed of major industry trends and changes that affect your program ​
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