Mental Health Billing Solutions

Verification of Benefits

Verifying benefits accurately is one of the most important—but most often overlooked—steps in the insurance management process. Our verifications specialists understand the importance of asking the right questions during a Mental Health Verification and will provide insight into coverage specific to your patient. We will verify if mental health is a covered benefit during our check and tailor any specific questions you have.

Pre-Authorization and Utilization Review

At Elevated, pre-authorization and utilization review services are conducted by our team of licensed clinicians and qualified authorization experts, ensuring your patients receive individual attention and the best advocacy possible. Mental Health Utilization Review requires specific training that yields the best results. We spend time with your team to ensure your documentation supports the level of care requested to avoid denials and increases the overall length of stay. Do not forget to ask about our clinical training!

Billing And Claim Management

It is not easy to navigate the complex maze of insurance and billing tasks required to get reimbursement for the life-changing services your facility delivers. That is why behavioral health facilities like yours need a partner they can trust: an expert in insurance and billing that can optimize your cash flow to support your mission of helping people. Our team reviews each claim to ensure that you receive correct payments and we continuously fight incorrect denials. Our goal is to get your claims to pay in less than 30 days so you have the revenue you need to grow your business.

In-Depth Reporting

At Elevated, our combination of experience, credentialed experts, advanced technology and exceptional customer service allows us to provide you with up-to-date and in-depth reporting for every stage of your patients’ treatment cycles. We offer individualized reporting to each client and discuss findings together creating a collaborative partnership and peace of mind for our clients. Our data is available to our clients at any time. Do you have transparency with your current billing team?

Aging Accounts Receivable

Are you leaving money on the table? Let our team of experts evaluate your accounts and provide input about the probability of reimbursement, as well as a concrete plan of action to obtain resolution.

Appeals and Denials Management

Our team works as an extension of yours to navigate particularly difficult and time-consuming claims issues including insurance company refund requests, appeals and complicated denial situations. This allows you to focus on treating your patients, leaving us to deal with the complicated insurance management processes.

Consulting And Training

Our goal is to help you gain deep understanding and knowledge of the relevant laws and regulations in the mental health industry that will enable you to offer a higher quality of care for your patients, and ensure your facility is in full compliance with insurance provider requirements.