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“We have developed a great relationship with Elevated Billing, they are a trusted member of our team. Elevated Billing understands our mission and is dedicated to our clients and our business. We appreciate their attention to detail and their passionate approach in helping our clients and our business. So glad to have Elevated Billing on our side!”
Courtney Carroll
Cirque Lodge
"We as a company have been so happy with the results that we receive in working with Elevated Billing. Their case managers are just as invested as we are in advocating for insurance funding which has allowed us to serve so many more families due to this collaborative approach. We have looked at other billing companies, but no one covers the complete package that Elevated does. I personally really appreciate the great customer service and the relationships I have developed with key members of their team!"
Amy Whittaker, LCSW
West Ridge Academy

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"Elevated has been a lifesaver for our company. They have made our billing process more efficient and productive than it has ever been. They continually go above and beyond and have professionally handled the most complex of situations. Elevated has a great team of knowledgeable personnel dedicated to our billing needs. All of the individuals we have worked with have been attentive, effective and always follow-up while solving problems as they occur. They have increased our revenue substantially! After working with numerous other billing options, we feel very fortunate to have such a competent billing company handle all of our insurance billing needs."
"When I started my company in 2014 I selected Elevated Billing to handle all of my billing needs. Over the years, I have witnessed their significant growth as a company. However, they have remained consistent in their core values and their commitment to my company's revenue. Brick House Recovery, too, has experienced significant growth, much of which has been possible thanks to Elevated Billing. Their leadership, systems, and staff continue to work tirelessly to ensure that reimbursements are maximized and that no stone is left unturned. I remain loyal to Elevated Billing and Elevated Billing is loyal to me. I don't ever plan to use another billing solution because Elevated is an extension of Brick House Recovery and the relationships are what I value most."

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